4 thoughts on “NEW: Extract Gems from the Qur'an yourself like Nouman Ali Khan!

  1. Yahia says:

    I found the following piece of ‘gem’ very interesting in the book ‘Exploring the scientific miracle of the holy quran’ by Dr. Mohammad N. Wagdi about the usage of the word aa’m and sineen (solar and lunar years).Link to the specific chapter of the book is given below.

    • Liang says:

      Mashaallah! I like this teacher, heb4s very good.Arabic is the most befuaitul language, it`s the language of paradiese. I love this language. But the gramatic is very dificult, even the arabs donb4t understand arabic! Hihihi . I can only read the Koran but I read also the translation(in german) but I`m albanian Itb4s not very difficult to be a muslim (maby sometimes) but how to becomes like the sahaba!?

  2. Mohammed Eliyas says:

    May Allah reward brother Nouman Ali khan good in this life and in the Aakhirah! May Allah preserve him Aameen!

    • Juan says:

      I found Nouman Ali Khan’s article itetrnseing but I very much disagree with him painting all Islamic Studies in secular universities with the same brush. Certainly some departments are as he described (basically still riding the old orientalist train), but where I do my MA in Islamic Studies (SOAS in London) it is not like this at all pretty much everything we study is deconstructing the old orientalist stuff and refuting it. About half of us in the program are Muslims, and I we are not having problems with our faith as a result of our studies if anything, it fills us in on more of the history and nuance of wide swath of Islamic humanities that once constituted the pinnacle of intellectual culture from Spain all the way to China. And then we have an accredited MA so that we can teach this stuff to anybody, Muslim or non-Muslim. I think it is worthwhile but Allah knows best.

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