Here we will compile links which will be related to different topics of interest for the LinguisticMiracle reader insha� Allah.

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[tab] – Learn Arabic in Fun and easy ways through Flash Cards.

Lisan ul � – a good forum for discussion of the Arabic language. For all levels.

Baby Arabic Lessons – Get a feel of understanding the Arabic language.[/tab]


Dictionaries & Grammar: [NEW] – this site is extremely useful for students of Arabic Grammar, telling the types of words and their forms. [HOT] – this site gives you an Alphabet index of ROOT Words, and allows you to find out their meanings from famous Dictionary/Lexicons.

Lanes Lexicon Online
[HOT] – this is one of the most famous and detailed English dictionaries of the Arabic language.
[] NOTE: the original site is a Christian site.[/tab]


Quran: -� a Good resource for the Qur�an, the search box is extremely useful once you get used to it. – Quran Gems. – Quran Gems from translated into French.[/tab]


Arabic Experience on the Internet;

The following are some good tools you can use on the internet for a new Arabic typing experience;

Ta3reeb �- this allows you to type Arabic through your usual English keyboard � through transliteration. Highly Recommended. – similar to Ta3reeb, except you can add Tashkeel [vowel sound marks] onto your Arabic.

Google Transliterator and Arabic Dictionary �- This is similar to Ta3reeb, you type in a word in Roman English [transliterate it], and the Arabic word shows up. It then automatically provides you with a translation of that word.