Translating to Other Languages

..Share your work, and let the world see.

If you have translated anything from this website, or have (translated) anymore Qur’an Linguistic Miracles in any other language, please email them to us and we will make a section for your language inshaa’ Allah.

You and others can then do more translations and I will continue to update your Section inshaa’ Allah.

I am aware that brother Nouman Ali Khan mentioned in tafseer surah Naas that some people have started to translate these in other languages, and I myself have read on other websites that people are attempting to translate these Linguistic Miracles.
As of now, we have had emails by people who want to translate the works into;

– French
– Bengali
– Melavu (Malaysian)
– Finnish
– Uzbek (Uzbekistan)

So please post them to so that your works can benefit a greater audience insha’ Allah, since we have a big audience al-hamdulillah (with around 2000 visitors for our site in January 2011 alone.)