And when the wild beasts are herded together,

وَإِذَا الْوُحُوشُ حُشِرَتْ

And when the wild beasts are herded together, [Surah Takweer 81:5]

Wahsh – an animal that does not have affection for others on the land. I.e. It’s undomesticated.

An animal which will attack directly when seeing another animal in focus.

its opposite is Ins (i.e. From Uns = affection).

wahsh also is used for someone who – walked by himself. Hard to get along with. The same way the beast animal does not get along with other animals.

wahsh (plural: wuhoosh) – will be – Hushirat (herded).

Hashr – to gather/herd animals.
jam’ – more general term of gathering.

Animals do not like to be gathered willingly, but the shepherd gathers them – even if they are unwilling.

This is why the Day of Ressurection is called Yawm al Hashr – The Day of Herding. Because we – humans, jinn, and animals – will be herded together at ‘Arafah to be judged on what we did.

Allah didn’t say al An’amu hushirat (the domesticated cattle will be herded.) No, He said Wuhooshu hushirat (the undomesticated wild beasts will be herded).

Animals that would never stand together – are now gathered and standing right next to each other.

The closest thing you’ll see of this in this world is when there is a flood, and only a small amount of land for safety. So all the wild beasts will run to that small area of land, the hunter will not think that his food is standing next to him, and the would-be-food animal does not think that his hunter is next to him. Rather, both have a greater fear of the flood.

So when the mountains are moving out of place, the sun is darkened, the stars are falling, the animals have a greater fear – causing them to lose their natural instincts.

Hashr also means to gather things together, even on top of each other.

In surah Abasa – humans were together in this world, and on this Day are running away from each other.
in Takweer – the wild beasts were apart and now are running towards each other.

Total reversal of the world’s normal patterns. All because of the extreme fear on that Day.